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BFA is headed by Associate Vice Chancellor Michael Moss. Three Managers oversee teams with responsibilities in budget accounting and financial reporting, budget model and tuition, and operations and compliance. Each team also has budgetary responsibility for colleges and units that report to the Chancellor, Provost, and Vice Chancellor for Health Affairs. More information about those teams can be found below.

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Budget Model and Tuition Team

  • Oversee Development of Tuition Rates
  • Prepare UIC Tuition Package for BOT
  • Reporting on Tuition Revenue
  • Tuition Revenue Distribution
  • Centrally-Funded Financial Aid
  • Central Support for Student Fees
  • Colleges reporting to the Provost, VC Advancement, Athletics, Student Affairs, and Auxiliaries

Budget Accounting and Financial Reporting

  • Budget Development System
  • UIC Budget Summary for Operations
  • Quarterly & Annual Financial Reports
  • Deficit Management Process
  • Campus Reserves, Plant Funds
  • Budget Transfers
  • Health Science Colleges, UI Medical Center, and VC Administrative Services

Operations and Compliance Team

  • Codebook
  • Coordinate FCIAA Surveys
  • Training, Policies & Procedures
  • Oversee Contract Based Programs
  • Support Shorelight Program
  • Administer Campus Programs
  • UFRP, Cluster Hire, Bridge to Faculty, TOP
  • VP Units, VCR, SMC, VCI, Innovation Center, OAE, Diversity.