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Budget Adjustment

Budget Transfer

Budget adjustments are made because the unit has changed its plan for allocating its budget. Units may adjust their operating budgets if done between similar and allowable fund types (for example, state-to-state or ICR-to-ICR). For more information refer to Chart 2 Budget Adjustment Request Approval Queue Training.

To adjust a budget:

1. Prepare a Budget Feeder Request. The form is located at: Budget Feeder Request

  • Budget adjustments involve either state or institutional funds.
  • Allowable Transfers
  • State to State
  • Institutional to Institutional (same fund code)
  • Institutional to State
  • All state and institutional funds budget adjustments affect expense account budgets only.
  • A debit (+) increases the budget in the C-FOAP receiving the funds.
  • A credit (-) decreases the budget in the C-FOAP from which funds are being transferred.
  • The total debit and credit amounts must be equal for state and institutional funds budget transfers.
  • Permanent transfers should be in Whole dollar amounts.
  • Do not include formulas in the amount column.