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Tuition and Budget Model

RCM Model

The Tuition Model describes how tuition is distributed throughout the campus to support UIC’s instructional mission.  UIC adheres to a Responsibility Centered Management (RCM) Budget Model. The model was implemented to achieve the following goals:

  • Achieve greater transparency in fiscal decision making
  • Promote fiscal responsibility and accountability
  • Maximize financial, physical and human resources
  • Tie revenue more closely to the effort that generated the revenue –instructional effort and enrollment levels
  • Promote innovative and entrepreneurial activities that are financially viable
  • Provide deans and other academic decision makers with more control and influence over financial resource decisions

More information about UIC's RCM budget model can be found at UIC Budget Model Summary.

The image above illustrates how tuition is divided between the Colleges and the Campus.  For Undergraduate programs, 75% of tuition goes to the College and 25% to the Campus.  For Graduate base tuition, 75% goes to the College and 25% to the Campus. For Graduate differentials, the Colleges receive a larger share of tuition – 85%.  Professional programs receive 85% of tuition and the Campus receives 15%.

Tuition distributed to the Campus is used to fund financial aid, administrative operations, and other strategic priorities.