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Program Types

Program Types

In addition to “classic” academic programs (i.e. the vast majority of academic programs at UIC), there are two other types of programs with special financial structures.

  • Contract-Based (CB) Programs are an agreement with a third-party, such as a business, government, or community organization, to deliver an instructional program to their members. These could be degree programs, certificates, or individual courses.
  • Full-Cost Recovery (FCR) Programs are available to individual students to enroll. They generally serve student populations that are not currently served by “classic” programs, such as working professionals and adult learners.  Many are delivered online and may not follow a traditional semester-based schedule.

For both CB and FCR programs, they must generate enough revenue to fully cover all associated costs of providing the program.  State funds may not be used to support the program.  Some technical details of the programs are listed below along with links to detailed information.

Table Comparing Program Types Heading link

TypeClassic in seat or onlineContract-Based ProgramFull Cost Recovery Program
Program Prefix Code20212P
Online VersionOnline uses "U" designatorOnline uses "U" designatorOnline uses "U" designator
Students Enroll as:IndividualsGroupsIndividuals
Waivers?Statutory/ discretionaryStatutory onlyStatutory only
Direct/ Indirect CostsShould be coveredMust be coveredMust be covered
TuitionSet by BoardNegotiated with Third PartyMarket-based rates when costs are covered
Tuition depositedIn Income FundIn Self-Supporting FundsIn Income Fund