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Tuition Cycle

Tuition Cycle

There are three parts to the Tuition Cycle:

  • Setting Tuition Rates for Next Year – Each year, with guidelines from the Systems Office and input from the Colleges, UIC proposes the tuition rates for the next academic year. The proposal must be approved by the Chancellor, the President, and ultimately the Board of Trustees.
  • Setting the Tuition Budget for Next Year – Once the new rates are approved, a Tuition Budget is projected for the next academic year. The projection is based on estimated Fall enrollment and is refined several times as more information about enrollment becomes available.
  • Tracking Budget to Actual Tuition Revenue – After Fall semester begins, Tuition Revenue is estimated based on actual Fall student assessments. This estimate is refined several times as more information, including actual Spring student assessments becomes available.

The table below shows the approximate timing for the different steps in the Tuition Cycle. Heading link

MonthSetting Tuition Rates for Next YearSetting the Tuition Budget for Next YearTracking Budget to Actual Tuition Revenue
SeptemberRequest Tuition Proposals from CollegesPreliminary Tuition Revenue Estimate
NovemberTuition Proposal Due to Systems Office
DecemberRevised Tuition Revenue Estimate
JanuaryNew Rates Approved by Board of Trustees
FebruaryRevised Tuition Revenue Estimate
MarchNew Rates Implemented for Next YearPreliminary Tuition Budget Projection
AprilRevised Tuition Budget Projection
MayRevised Tuition Revenue Estimate
JuneFinal Budget Tuition Projection
JulyFinal Tuition Revenue Estimate