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Area of Specialization Director/ Associate DirectorAnalyst
Course FeesAssigned Unit DirectorAssigned Unit Analyst
AFMFAColleen KehoeJoel Vejendla
AUR Dashboard Data PreparationColleen KehoeJim Burke
Central Support for student feesColleen KehoeJoel Vejendla
Centrally-funded Financial AidColleen KehoeJim Burke
Employee WaiversColleen KehoeJoel Vejendla
Enrollment Targets for Tuition ProjectionColleen KehoeVirginia Lafarge
Forfeited Enrollment Deposits AssessmentColleen KehoeColleen Kehoe
Income Fund Projection & ReportingColleen KehoeDan Hrynko
Library / IT Fee AssessmentColleen KehoeJoel Vejendla
Annual Tuition & Fee Proposal to BOTColleen KehoeVirginia Lafarge
Reporting on Tuition RevenueColleen KehoeVirginia Lafarge
Resource Allocation and Management Program (RAMP) ReportingColleen KehoeDan Hrynko
Salary ProjectionsColleen KehoeColleen Kehoe
Shorelight EducationDana LibrotTanya Slavchev
Student FeesColleen KehoeJoel Vejendla
SURS Governor’s Salary AssessmentsColleen KehoeJoel Vejendla
Tuition RatesColleen KehoeVirginia Lafarge
GA Tax & RA Remission CalculationMark McClellanMark McClellan
GA Tax DistributionColleen KehoeJoel Vejendla
GA Tax Witholding ShortfallDana LibrotEmmanuel Juarez
Tuition Revenue DistributionColleen KehoeVirginia Lafarge
Tuition Revenue Projection Colleen KehoeVirginia Lafarge
Graduate Cross InstructionColleen KehoeJoel Vejendla
BFA WebsiteDana LibrotTanya Slavchev
Board Legal and Public LiabilityDana LibrotEmmanuel Juarez
BOX AccessDana LibrotKarolina Ejmont
Bridge to the Faculty (B2F) ProgramDana LibrotKarolina Ejmont
Campus CodebookDana LibrotKarolina Ejmont
Faculty Cluster Hire ProgramDana LibrotKarolina Ejmont
Faculty Partner AccommodationsDana LibrotKarolina Ejmont
Fiscal Control and Internal Auditing Act (FCIAA)Dana LibrotTanya Slavchev
GEO Health BenefitsDana LibrotEmmanuel Juarez
International ContractsDana LibrotTanya Slavchev
Shorelight Billing and Revenue DistributionsDana LibrotEmmanuel Juarez
Under-represented Faculty Recruitment Program (UFRP)Dana LibrotEmmanuel Juarez
Contract Based ProgramsDana Librot Emmanuel Juarez
ShorelightDana Librot Tanya Slavchev
Training, Guidelines and ProceduresDana Librot
Cluster HireDana Librot Karolina Ejmont
Target of Opportunity Dana Librot Karolina Ejmont
Budget Development SystemsMark McClellanAlex Davidson
Budget TransfersMark McClellanMark McClellan
Campus ReservesMark McClellanMark McClellan
Deficit Management ProcessMark McClellanMark McClellan
F & A (ICR)Mark McClellanSam Optholt
UIC Budget Summary for OperationsMark McClellanSam Optholt
Plant funds, capital projectsMichael MossMark McClellan
Medical Loss Ratio RebateSusan Balmes
Agency Fee OutcomesDana LibrotEmmanuel Juarez